We are Essential Transportation

Our goal is to make your transportation dream come true

We are Essential Transportation

Essential Transportation is a family own business. We are run by a husband and wife team. Our client base is a mix of all different age groups. We do not have a set base because we offer transportation for all. So, people use us to go to bars, clubs and restaurants. Other use us to take them shopping. Some use us to pick them up and drop them off at the airports and cruises. Some are families and couples having us take them to live their dreams at the theme parks. We even sometimes do transportation for wedding. Then we do services for business by taking them to golf courses or conferences. Our business offers discount transportation to the Orlando Metro and surrounding areas in luxurious vehicles. We offer quality service, most reliable and professional crew of drivers. We also have contracts with hotels so they call us when they need guests transported or when guests are trying to find transportation to places. Our goal is to make your transportation dream come true. We transport family not people.






Limo Driver


Charter Bus River



Airport (MCO)

Port Canaveral

How we work.

1 Know where you are going? Great!
Use our website to book your trip in advanced and select your driver

2 Once you have booked we will send you a confirmation email then call you to pick you up at your location.

3 Just sit back and Relax to enjoy your dream transportation ride to your destination.

“In our cars, we treat you like family”